What Happens When You Stop Taking Plexus Slim?

What happens when you STOP taking Plexus Slim?

Do you gain the weight back?  Do you have to stay on Plexus forever?

I get these specific questions all the time.  So I wanted to give the answer here on my blog.

What happens when you stop taking Plexus Slim?

That depends on you.  No, you won’t gain the weight back, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Such as eating between your BMR and maintain calories amounts (See my blog post at: for more details), and as long as you drink enough water and are active.  But if you go right back to eating too much, too little, and sitting on the couch, just like with any program, you will probably gain it back.

This is why “diets” fail so many times.  We starve ourselves and withhold the foods we enjoy making it a hassle and annoyance to do, and if we actually succeed with it and lose the weight, we go right back to eating too much and too much of those foods we deprived ourselves of.

That is why diets rarely work.  With Plexus you get to still eat the foods you love, you’ll just find you want less of them.  Or your results will inspire you to create healthier versions of the foods you like so you can eat them guilt free.  This will have you making permanent lifestyle changes so that you can enjoy your new body for a long time!

Do I have to stay on Plexus Slim forever?

No, you don’t.  I probably will.  Plexus Slim has been found to help many people with many other issues.  While we don’t make medical claims towards these other areas, it does seem to help people with a LOT more than weight loss.  Some of the things it helps me with, such as my BSD (Bile Salt Diarrhea) and sleeping better are worth staying on forever.  Typically once you reach your goal weight you just simply stop taking the accelerator, which is designed solely to enhance the weight loss effect, and just take the Slim alone IF you choose to still take it.  Otherwise, No, you don’t have to stay on it it maintain.

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