Order Plexus Slim

There are 3 ways in which to order Plexus Slim and our other products.

  1. As a Retail Customer – As a Retail Customer you can purchase your products at the regular retail price whenever you need them.
  2. As a Preferred Customer – As a Preferred Customer you sign up to receive your products on Auto-Ship, this saves you 10% off the regular retail price.  Auto orders can be cancelled at anytime.
  3. As an Ambassador – As an Ambassador, you pay 25% off the retail price.  In addition, if you choose to you can refer your family and friends to your website and receive earnings of 15-25% on purchases.

Retail Customers:

Purchase your 3 day decision pack,7 day trial or full 30 day bag by clicking the image



Preferred Customers:

Become a Preferred Customer and purchase your Plexus at 10% off the retail price by clicking the image




Get Maximum savings by becoming an Ambassador.  Learn more about the opportunity here or click the image to sign up right away:


If at anytime you are asked, My Plexus Ambassador ID is: 116416

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