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Starting your own Plexus Business


No doubt about it, joining Plexus has been one of the best decisions of my life.  I’ve been with other companies and like so many out there I have struggled with them, both personally and financially.  So, what makes Plexus any different from the hundreds of other Direct Selling companies.

Well, #1 I’ve found Plexus actually delivers on what it promises.  The products WORK, and it’s not just about them working for the small few, but they work for the vast majority.  Plexus is CHANGING lives.  And it’s an honor to be affiliated with this company!

#2 I’m actually making money, without much effort.  You will find that as you use and have results with Plexus, people WILL notice.  They will tell you that you’re looking great and ask what you’re doing.  You are a walking advertisement.  And people are looking for help! How good does it feel to HELP people?  It feels FANTASTIC.

The comp plan with Plexus is as good as it gets, besides commissions ranging from 15-25% there are bonuses, Profit Sharing, and more.  I’ll put the ways to earn chart below so you can see for yourself.

Why Join MY Team?

Personally I do whatever I can for my team.  I have a private facebook group just for my team, and I give them advanced training on how do create videos, run a facebook page, find and work at events and more.  My goal is to help you succeed in your business, as I have done!

So are you ready to Join and work with me?  Get started right now by clicking the link below and clicking JOIN NOW.  You can choose from several Welcome Kits to get you started or just the Annual Membership fee!  You may be asked for your referring Ambassador’s ID during the process, if you are my ID is: 116416

Below is a copy of the chart in the video, showing you the multiple ways you can earn with Plexus.  If you need any help understanding anything on the chart or about the compensation plan, don’t hesitate to email me at: ,  text or call me at: (716) 481-1140

We also have a monthly Plexus Slim Opportunity phone call with inspiring stories and information about the products and opportunity:

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